Lesson 10: Spender/Saver quiz



Single class period


Activity One: Spender/Saver quiz

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Some people are savers of money and others are more likely to be spenders. In this lesson, students will take a quiz to identify whether they have saver or spender tendencies. Becoming more familiar with their own attitudes and habits will help them to develop a healthy relationship with money.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Activity One: Review of Lesson 9 Homework Task

1.   Ask how they got on with their Lesson 9: Homework Task:

  • Were they able to find the links on the www.ccpc.ie/consumers?
  • What did they learn about life stages?
  • What is important to do in each life stage?
  • What was the best piece of advice they came across?

Activity Two: Spender/Saver quiz

1.   Explain to students that they are going to take an entertaining quiz to find out whether they are more of a spender or a saver.

2.   Distribute a copy of the Spender/Saver quiz to each student.

3.   Give the students sufficient time to complete the quiz, then distribute the Student Worksheet: Spender/Saver quiz answer sheet, and invite them to calculate their overall score and find out what the score tells them about themselves.

4.   Facilitate a whole class discussion using the following questions as prompts:

  • How many people are super savers or savers?
  • How many spender/saver mixes are there?
  • How many people are spenders or super spenders?
  • What did you learn?

By asking these questions it will help students change and improve money attitudes and habits. The great thing is that it is never too late to change!

5.   Conclude by reminding the class that the quiz was an interesting activity and hopefully it gave them some sense of whether they could be broadly described as a spender or a saver.

Homework Task

Invite students to imagine that they work for the CCPC.  They have been asked to put together ‘Top Tips’ for people who took the Spender/Saver quiz and scored as super savers and super spenders. They should come up with five tips for each category.

TIP:  A set of money saving tips from the CCPC are available here:

The steps for reviewing this homework task are given at the start of Lesson 11.



Lesson 10 Activity 1 Student Worksheet: Spender/Saver quiz

Lesson 10 Activity 1 Student Worksheet: Spender/Saver quiz answer sheet

Interactive Quiz


Spender / Saver quiz

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