Lesson 8: Money smart



  • Single class period


Activity 1: Review of Lesson 7 Homework Task

Activity 2: Who’s money smart?

Homework Task:

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Being smart with your money is something that everyone can learn to do.  In this lesson, students will meet ten different characters who all manage their money differently, some well and others who could make some changes in order to manage their money better. Students will work together to identify which characters are smart with money and which need help. For their homework task, students will compile some useful information to help people become more ‘money smart’.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Activity 1: Review of Lesson 7 Homework Task

1.  Take feedback from Lesson 7: Homework Task. Write the word ‘positive’ and the word ‘negative’ on the white/blackboard.  Ask students to give two examples of positive influences and two examples of negative influences on spending.

2.  Invite students to identify which list (i.e. the ‘positive’ list or the ‘negative’ list) represents examples of people being smart with their money?

3.  Reiterate that when people are influenced to spend in a positive way then they spend their money wisely, or are smart with their money.

Activity 2: Who’s money smart?

1.  Divide the class into small groups.

2.  Distribute one pack of the Money smart – cards to each group and explain that the cards have information about people. Some of these people are smart with their money and some are not. They must divide the cards up into two different piles, one for those who are smart with their money and one for those who are not smart with their money.

3.  When taking feedback ask students to explain why they placed individuals in either the ‘smart with money’ or the ‘not smart with money’ pile.

4.  Conclude by explaining to the class that often people lack sufficient or appropriate information in relation to money and spending and this can lead to bad decisions. Information about money is freely available from the CCPC website: www.ccpc.ie/consumers

Homework Task

Allocate one of the following individuals/couple from the Money smart – cards to each student – Ryan, Magda, Amelia, Lily & Michael, Noah & Hollie.

Ask each student to imagine that they work for a radio station, and they are giving financial information to listeners. They have received a phone call from Ryan, Magda, Amelia, Lily & Michael, or Noah & Hollie. They must prepare at least two pieces of information to read out on air to help their specific listener be smarter with their money.  If possible, they should also identify where the person on their Money smart – cards is doing something well.


Lesson 8 Activity 1 Teacher Resource Sheet: Positive and negative influences on spending

Lesson 8 Activity 2 Student Worksheet Homework Task: Money smart – cards

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