Lesson 2: Know your rights if things go wrong in shops



  • Single class period


Activity 1: Informed consumer quiz


Consumers have certain rights which are set out under consumer law. These are in place to protect you if things go wrong. This lesson will help students learn about consumer rights when buying a good in a shop. Students will learn what actions they need to take to ensure their rights are respected. This will help them become informed consumers.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Activity 1: Informed consumer quiz

1.  Explain to students when you buy goods, you enter into a contract with the shop or retailer who sells them to you. The retailer agrees to provide a good or service to you for a certain price.  Under consumer law, business must always sell you a product that:

  • is fit for the purpose it is normally used for
  • works for a reasonable time with normal use
  • matches what is outlined in your contract or any descriptions or samples you saw
  • can be used for the purpose the business knew you bought it for

They also have to (when it applies):

  • provide instructions and any essential accessories
  • supply the spare parts covered in your contract
  • install the product correctly

These obligations will not apply if:

  • the product is not working due to:
  • normal wear and tear
  • accidental damage or misuse
  • you did not install an update for the product to continue to work properly

2.  Distribute one copy of the Student Worksheet: Informed consumer quiz to each student.

3.  Invite students to work alone to answer the questions on their worksheet.

4.  Once completed, invite students to swap their quiz with a neighbour for correction.

5.  Use the answers and information provided on Teacher Resource Sheet: Informed consumer quiz answers to generate

Homework Task

Invite students to write a short reflective piece comparing what they knew about their consumer rights before they did the quiz with what they know about their rights after having taken the quiz. Their assignment should include reference to if/how they think their new knowledge impacts on their lives.

Depending on your class you may decide to take-up and correct these reflections once completed.


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