Lesson 7: Money attitudes



  • Single class period


Activity 1: Review of Lesson 6 Homework Task

Activity 2: Influences on spending

Homework Task:


Our opinions, behaviour and actions are influenced by other people, organisations and messages coming from traditional and digital media sources. Opinions, behaviour and actions in relation to money is no exception. In this lesson, students will work together to represent the range of influences on their attitudes to money in a pie chart. They will identify examples of when the influences on their attitudes to money are positive and when they are negative.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Activity 1: Review of Lesson 6 Homework Task

1.  Give students a couple of minutes to look over their completed Lesson 6: Homework Task.

2.  Ensure that each student has written their name in the space given at the top of the sheet and has added up all the numbers that they have circled and written the total in the space given at the bottom of the worksheet.

3.  Explain that individual survey responses will not be made available to the rest of the class, but that completed surveys will be collected to work out the average class response.

4.  Collect the completed survey and tell the students that they will discuss the class results (not individual results) in Lesson 9.

Activity 2: Influences on spending

  1. Ask each student to list the top five things they would like to spend their money on.
  2. Invite them to share their top five and note responses on the white/blackboard.
  3. Divide the class into small groups.
  4. Invite each group to discuss the people, events or circumstances which influence how they spend their money.
  5. Take feedback from each group, noting their answers on the white/blackboard.

6.  Distribute a flipchart sheet and markers to each group.

7.  Invite each group to create a pie chart representing the level of power each  influence has on the   group’s spending.

8. Display each group’s pie chart on the wall and invite the class to view them.

Homework Task

Ask students to close their eyes for a moment and think about the people who are influential in their lives.  Why are these people influential and how do they exercise their influence?  What impact do these people have on the way that young people behave or the decisions that they make in relation to money?

Distribute one copy of Student Worksheet: Positive and negative influences on spending to each student.

Explain that students should fill in the blank cells in column one (Influence), either with the influences from their completed pie charts, or with any new influence that they may wish to include.

Invite students to come up with situations or circumstances explaining when each influence can be positive and negative.

The steps for reviewing this homework task are given at the start of Lesson 8.


Lesson 7 Activity 1 Teacher Resource Sheet: Compiled survey results

Lesson 7 Activity 2 Teacher Resource Sheet: Influences on spending

Lesson 7 Homework Task Student Worksheet: Positive and negative influences on spending

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