Lesson 6: Know your rights – concert tickets and gift vouchers



  • Single class period


Activity 1: Review of Lesson 5 Homework Task

Activity 2: Rights Scenarios

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Until now we’ve been looking at consumer rights in relation to the purchase of goods. Consumers also have rights when buying or using a service, but every case is different and the solution to a problem with a service depends on the individual case. In this lesson, students will look at scenarios outlining what rights you have if you buy a ticket online and if you buy a gift voucher.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Activity 1: Review of Lesson Five Homework Task

1.  Invite a selection of students to volunteer their three tips for making sure they don’t overspend during the sales (Lesson 5: Homework Task).

Activity 2: Rights scenarios

1.  Remind students that up until now they’ve been looking at consumer rights in relation to goods that were bought either online or in a shop.

2.  Explain that in this lesson they will focus on specific scenarios. They will look at two scenarios which outline problems people might have with services they have bought and will explore the rights they have in these situations.

3.  Divide the class into small groups.

4.  Distribute one copy of Student Worksheet: Rights scenarios to each group.

5.  Invite students to read the two scenarios, then work together to decide whether or not the people in the scenarios have any rights and determine what advice they would give these two people about what to do.

6.  Take feedback from a sample of groups, recording responses on the white/blackboard.

7.  Ask students to think again about Jenny and her ticket. If the concert hadn’t been cancelled and Jenny just changed her mind about going would she have had the same rights?

8.  Conclude by asking students to briefly discuss the following questions:

  • Did you know about all of these rights before? If no, which rights were new to you?
  • Which rights do you think are the most useful for young people? Why?


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