Me and My Money: a Unit of Learning


Me and My Money is a Unit of Learning on Budgeting and Household Management has been developed in consultation with Oide and is designed to be used by Business Studies and Home Economics teachers in the classroom.

It is split into two separate streams, one for Business Studies teachers and one for Home Economics teachers, and each stream consists of four separate sections. These are:

Section 1
Needs Vs Wants

Section 2
Resources & Income

Section 3

Section 4
Create a Budget

These sections contain case studies, worksheets and video clips from the CCPC-sponsored TV show How to be Good with Money. All of these are also available in the Video and Resource Library and all six full episodes of the TV show are available to view, in their entirety, on the RTÉ Player.

Each of the sections aligns with a number of Learning Outcomes as laid out in the respective Curriculum Specifications and are designed to be delivered in a flexible manner. This resource is an effective way to introduce topics like financial decision making and budgeting in an interactive manner that students will find engaging.

For the Home Economics stream, the Learning Outcomes are from Strand 2: Responsible Family Living and we have suggested ways in which these sections link with Learning Outcomes from the other two Home Economic Strands.