Lesson 9: Our attitude to money


  • Double class period


Activity 2: Our attitude to money

Activity 3:  Presenting our attitude to money

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People use money on a daily basis but they don’t often take the time to think about their attitude to money, or consider how these attitudes impact on daily decisions and behaviours. In this lesson, students revisit Lesson 7: My attitude to money survey results and compare their individual results to the average class result. They work together in groups to present the class results using a variety of methods, for example, posters, graphs, storyboards etc. The homework task gives them a chance to reflect on the impact that their attitude to money has on their decisions and behaviours.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Activity 1: Review of Lesson 8 Homework Task

1.  Facilitate feedback from Lesson 8: Homework Task. Write the following heading on the white/blackboard: ‘Money Saving Tips’.

2.  Invite students to volunteer the useful information/tips they would give to Ryan, Magda, Amelia, Lily & Michael, or Noah & Hollie (Money smart – cards) to help them become smarter with their money. Record student feedback on the white/blackboard.

Activity 2:  Our attitude to money

1.  Return completed Student Worksheet: My attitude to money – survey from Lesson Six: Homework Task to individual students.

2.  Display the completed Teacher Resource Sheet: Compiled survey results from Lesson Seven on the white/blackboard.

3.  Invite students to take a few moments to compare the class results with their individual results.

4.  Facilitate a whole class discussion by asking students to comment on anything that stands out or surprises them when they compare their own survey responses to the whole class response.

Activity 3: Presenting our attitude to money

1.  Divide the class into small groups.

2.  Invite each group to discuss the Teacher Resource Sheet: Compiled survey results and to identify the findings they find most interesting.

3.  Explain that they must work together to develop a way of presenting these survey results, for example, writing a short report, using graphs, creating a story-board, freeze frame or poster etc. Group presentations to the class should include the following:

  • Reference to the class’ attitude to money.
  • Reference to what needs to be done to improve the class’ attitudes to money.

4.  Facilitate group presentations, allowing sufficient time for class response after each presentation.

Homework Task

Invite students to write a short reflective piece outlining how their individual attitudes to money are different/similar to the class attitude to money, and how their attitudes can affect the way that they use money in their daily life.

Depending on your class you may decide to take-up and correct these reflections once completed.

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