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Are you a parent or guardian teaching students about money at home?

Money Matters is a personal finance course for Junior Cycle students, originally designed to be delivered in the classroom, but there are lots of activities and resources that can be used if you are teaching at home.

There are lesson plans, games, quizzes, tasks and worksheets that can all be accessed for free and without the need to login or register.  The lessons have easy step-by-step instructions for following them with your students at home!

Four key financial topics explained

Take a look at the videos below where Eoin McGee, financial planner and host of the CCPC-sponsored TV show How to be Good with Money, breaks down the difference between needs and  wants, explains resources and income, suggests some things to think about when it comes to expenditure and why it’s a good idea to create a budget.

Needs v Wants

Resources and Income


Create a Budget

Money Matter resources

The Money Matters site covers a wide variety of topics like:

This is just a small sample of some of the resources and materials that are available, so feel free to take a look around the website and see what else might be useful to you.

Teaching children about money


How to be Good with Money

If you found the four explainer videos helpful, you might like to take a look at some of the episodes from season one, two and three of How to be Good with Money with the student you're teaching. Click below on the episodes below to view them on the RTÉ Player.